Month: August 2008

Expired Domains / Newsletter

I’m looking for a few more people to sign up for the Newsletter before I send out the first issue. The newsletter is a new feature of, and I’m hoping that it will be a great new addition for my
visitors… especially those of you that used to enjoy the regular expired domain name lists.

Today I am offering a sample of what you can hope to expect when you receive the Domain Bash Newstter.

You can expect an investment quality list of domain names that are available for registration. The lists will contain anywhere from 10 to an unlimited number of domain names.

I try to keep the lists diverse… sometimes you’ll get .net or .org names. Once in a while I might throw in some ccTLDs. Some names will contain hyphens, some will have numbers. My goal is to accommodate all investors and buyers… and target a variety of niches as well as include some brandable and conceptual domain names.

Here is a sample list:

I started this list with 5 recently expired 4 character .com’s – when I include these I don’t nit-pick, I give you what’s available due to their limited quantity.

The first name on the list is I selected this name because I think it needs to be developed. I think there is way too much waste in this day and age and people just throw things away to make room for more new stuff. We need to start bartering more.

Next on the list is Who doesn’t have bike problems from time to time. This domain name could prove to be a very helpful website for people to troubleshoot bike issues they’re having.

I chose because it’s a niche product, and I love niches! If you like niches, maybe you like to develop fan sites… how about Blade is a great trilogy with a huge fan base.

For my foodies out there… and I’m having a really hard time not scooping this one up myself – – staying with the niche theme, this would be a great niche recipe site! Next up is see photo

Originally spread from Brazil by the Portuguese, the cashew tree is now cultivated in all regions with a sufficiently warm and humid climate. It is produced in around 32 countries of the world. The world production figures of cashew crop, published by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), was around 3.1 million tons per annum.

Moving down you’ll see two Chinchilla domain names & Chinchillas (see photo) are rabbit-sized, crepuscular rodents native to the Andes mountains in South America. Along with their relatives, viscachas, they belong to the family Chinchillidae. The international trade in chinchilla fur goes back to the 16th century. The fur from chinchillas is popular in the fur trade due to its extremely soft feel, because they have about 60 hairs sprouting from each hair follicle. (wikipedia)

Going a little bit darker, I have which seems like an interesting topic… I thought it might work well as a discussion forum, or community based site. is a bit more whimsical than the others. I feel this is a great concept that would be similar to the ‘for dummies’ concept… but for more common sense type things. Could be fun.

I thought was a great domain considering the oil crisis… many folks are either getting rid of, or downgrading their RV’s to something lighter – the word “lite” is used frequenlty in the industry and works well matched with Camper. Even with this spelling there is Overture of almost 500. has a lot of geo development potential. There’s a Lockport in Manitoba (Canada) You’ll find Lockports in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, and New York States.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed this sample newsletter. Please sign up to receive emails like this. In the newsletter, I will also include domain name deals and steals not found at the blog.

Comments are welcome.

.cc & .us Priced to sell!

Group 1: $30 each or a 1 time BIN for $300 – 11/08/2008 – 11/08/2008 – 11/08/2008 – 11/08/2008 – 11/03/2008 – 11/08/2008 – 11/08/2008 – 11/08/2008 – 11/08/2008 – 9/03/2008

Group 2: Wine Pack – $15 each or all 3 for $40 – 11/03/2008 – 11/03/2008 – 11/03/2008

BIN for the pair only: $20 11/13/2008 11/12/2008

.us Singles – $15 each 9/23/2008 10/04/2008

This sale is also taking place at – First come first served.

Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch.

For this sale, I will accept payment from Paypal as long as you are a verified account holder.

Funkalicious 4 letter .com –

For Sale

The domain name is for sale.  The domain name is currently parked at – a minimum offer of $500 will send to auction.  An offer of $1,200 will result in an immedate sale via – Let’s do business.

Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to receive investment quality expired & available domain names and other great domain name offers and other tid bits that you won’t find at the blog.

Confess your sins….

I’ve been wanting to use the domain name for a confession type website for a really long time, and I finally found a script I really like.

I never limit myself when it comes to scripts. Free, paid, $5, $500… it doesn’t matter, if it has everything I’ve been envisioning… I am going to use it. The nice thing about this script… is that is was 100% FREE! But don’t take that for granted… the site mentions it not being FREE forever. You do have to sign up with all of your personal information… but since it’s free, I guess it’s worth it.

I have no problem leaving links to the developer of the script at the bottom or even in the header. To me the Internet is like one big project that we’re all working on together. I love it, and it’s such a pleasure making my living doing what I do.

The problem with this script is that I can’t for the life of me find where to edit the template ? It’s nice and all, but I like to put my unique flavor on it. I’ve been through the files 100 times, and believe me… there are many… and I’ll be damned if there isn’t a css file in there.

I tried to email the support folks, but the email bounced. I guess my only other option is signing up for their support forum. There’s a pet peeve… why make people sign up for a forum to ask a question? It’s fine to have a forum… but would it really kill webmasters to take an email?

Since you’re here, why not give Contrition a try. Go ahead and release yourself. Confess Online! It is 100% anonymous.

Webmasters… of course, I will be setting up a link exchange page, so if you’d like to be one of the first exchanges contact me and mention (contrition) somewhere in the email. Be sure to include the site you want to exchange, the link, and a little blurb.

Recently Expired: 4 Character .com

Maybe you think it’s nuts… maybe you think it’s just a crazy way for people to waste their hard earned money… but I say – phooey! I’ve already profited off of these nutty, crazy, wastes of money!  All I have to say is that’s what people thought about 4 “letter” .coms 😉

I didn’t even cherry pick this list.. I’m leaving everything here today… including the double letters etc.

Don’t fear the hyphen… embrace it… profit from it.

I won’t always be posting these lists here in the blog… so be sure to sign up for the new newsletter – I will be sending available domain name recommendations to subscribers, along with discounted domain names and other specials you won’t find in this public blog. – For Sale

In Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Philippines, an empanada (not to be confused with the Portuguese empada, which is a different dish) is essentially a stuffed pastry. The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread. Usually the empanada is made by folding a thin circular-shaped dough patty over the stuffing, creating its typical semicircular shape. Empanadas are also known by a wide variety of regional names (see the entries for the individual countries below).

It is likely that the empanadas in the Americas were originally from Galicia, Spain, where an empanada is prepared similar to a pie that is cut in pieces, making it a portable and hearty meal for working people. The Galician empanada is usually prepared with cod fish or chicken. Due to the large number of Galician immigrants in Latin America, the empanada gallega has also become very popular in that region. Middle Eastern cuisine to this day has similar foods, like simbusak (a fried, chickpea filled “empanada”) from Iraq.

See the rest of the wikipedia article… empanadas are everywhere!

For Sale: – 1/08/2009

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Asking: $800 50/50 – contact me to discuss other possible payment options.