Month: September 2008

Expired Domain Names: “Explore” & “Visit” Geos

If you are a lover of all things geo, or travel… then you won’t want to miss this entry.  Below you will find a list of domain names with the prefix “Explore” and then a smaller list with the prefix “Visit” – both are wonderful options for pairing with geo locations.

First, you have the cut & paste list… and directly below, the location and population info.  ENJOY… and let me know what you think!
Aiken, South Carolina Pop: 28,829
Asbury Park, NJ, Pop: 16,546
Astoria, Queens NY, Pop: 165,197
Astoria, Oregon, Pop: 10,045
Astoria, Illinois, Pop: 1,193
Astoria, South Dakota, Pop: 150
Brownsville, TX – Pop 172,806
Brownsville, FL – Pop 14,393
Brownsville, TN – Pop 10,748
* There are many other Brownsville’s in the US but they have smaller populations.
Byron Bay,  New South Wales – Pop: 5,609
Carlsbad, New Mexico – Pop: 27,463
Carlsbad, CA – Pop: 90,271
Concord, New South Wales – a suburb in the inner west of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Concord, Ontario – Pop: 8,255
Concord, California – Pop: 121,780
Concord, Missouri – Pop: 16,689
Concord, New Hampshire – Pop: 40,687
Concord, North Carolina – Pop: 55,977
*There are many other “Concords” in the US with smaller populations.
Exuma is a district of the Bahamas. It consists of 360 islands.  Not huge permanet population, but lots of tourism.
Glendale, Arizona – Pop: 253,152
Glendale, California – Pop: 207,007
Glendale, Colorado – Pop: 4,547
Glendale, Missouri – Pop: 5,767
Glendale, Zimbabwe – Pop: 6,076
* There are many other Glendale’s in the US but they have smaller populations.
Huntsville, Alabama – Pop: 171,327
Huntsville, Texas – Pop: 35,078
* There are many other Huntsville’s in the US but they have smaller populations.
Irvine, California – Pop: 209,806
Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland – Pop: 33,090 (english spelling)
Krakow, Poland – Pop: 756,757
Miramar, Buenos Aires Province – Pop: 24,317
Miramar, Florida – Pop: 106,590
*Many other Miramar’s exist globally, including India, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and more… with smaller populations.
Mission Viejo, California – Pop: 93,102
Pacific Beach, California – Pop: 43,586
Queenstown, New Zealand – Pop: 22,956
Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa – Pop: 184,541
Queenstown, Singapore – Pop: 94,900
Salinas, Minas Gerais, Brazil – Pop: 37,370
Salinas, Ecuador – Pop: 49,752
Salinas, Puerto Rico – Pop: 31,113
Salinas, California – Pop: 148,350
Santee, California – Pop: 54,709
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Pop: 304,065

Sofia, Bulgaria – Pop: 1,346,665
Staten Island, NY – Pop: 477,377
Sunnyvale, California – Pop: 131,760

Suriname (a country in Northern S. America) Pop: 470,784
Tallahassee, Florida – Pop: 159,012
Tecate, Baja California, Mexico – Pop: 91,034
Wenatchee, Washington – Pop: 35,437
Laguna, Santa Catarina, Brazil – Pop: 48,956
Laguna, Philippines – Pop: 1,965,872
Laguna, California – Pop: 34,309
Lesotho Pop: 1,795,000
Panay, Philippines – Pop: 3,500,000


Altay, Xinjiang – Pop: 142,000

Fajardo, Puerto Rico – Pop: 40,712
Pacific Grove, California – Pop: 15,522

San Bernadino, California – Pop: 205,010
Southall, a suburb in the London Borough of Ealing, West London
Pop: 89,275


Just to let you know, I’ve recently registered a bunch of these myself… my plan is to develop, but in the meantime I’ve got them parked… some are even getting some traffic and generating lil’ bits of revenue.  Here are some of the ones I’ve registered if you’re curious –,,, Explore, to name just a few!

I am really interested in hearing your thoughts… so get in touch.

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