Month: October 2008

Domain Names & Identity Theft

Are all of the domain names registered in your name.. yours?

Up until last week, I thought so too!

I’m getting ready to move, so I was doing a little local real estate research online.   I typed my own address into the search bar to see if I could find other locally listed property values.   Instead, I found a couple of domain names that were registered using my information.

I often come across indexed whois pages for some of my domain names, but I usually recognize them right away.  I knew something was fishy when my first and last name, address, phone number and former business name appeared in the whois of a domain name that I never registered.

Right after I found the first domain name, I looked for others and found one more… I started to become frantic, but I kept it together and sent an email to the registrar where the domain names were registered.  Just a few minutes later I received a call from the registrar.   Of course, I was upset that I had become a victim of identity theft, so I’m glad Scott at was patient with me as I did a little flipping out.  I especially flipped out when I found out this individual registered 113 domain names using my info!!!!

I was assured that was taking the issue very seriously, and in fact, they did.  Within a few days, the domain names were taken out of my name,  out of the account, and the account holder blacklisted.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that this identity thief lost their domain names… but I feel like maybe something more should be done.  As far as I’m concerned a crime has taken place.  I was really worried for a few days that this person might attempt to do business as me.  It scares me how easy it was for someone to use all of my information… and that I found out about it by accident.

I don’t know if there’s a way to prevent something like this from happening… but I’d recommend anyone with a portfolio of domain names do some general research to be sure all of the domain names registered in your name are, in fact, yours.

If you have a account, once you verify your email address you can pull a free report.  The one I pulled had a lot of domain names that I no longer owned on there, and not all of the ones I did.  I did, however, find another domain name that I didn’t register using my info as the admin and technical.

Give yourself a checkup… and if you have any tips to share, please don’t hesitate.

Whoa Daddy!!! $19.95 .us Registrations.

If you’re a fan of the .us extension, then you’re probably upset about the recent price hike to $19.95.  I can’t waive a magic wand and bring the prices back down… but what I can do is share some promo codes that I know about to help bring your totals down a bit.

Emma1 will save you 10%, so you’ll save $2 on a single registration

Emma2 will save you 20% on $50+

Emma25 will save you 25% on $100+

There you go… if you’re going to register .us at GD… you might as well save a few bucks!

Live Auction at

I would just like to quickly announce that tonight at 6pm EDT the Live auction will take place!

I just checked out the queue and there are some gems to be had this evening, including a 2 character .net (, an amazing dictionary word (, some investment quality 4 letter .coms including (,, and many other 4 letter package deals).  Also on the table there’s a couple of 3 character .coms, such as (, and just to name a select few!

The list goes on and on, so stop by the queue and check it out for yourselves.  I’ll be there at 6pm sharp, so I’ll see you there!