I will do anything for the sake of travel… even if it means liquidating my domain name portfolio!  In less than a week, I will be taking to the skies and heading toward my hometown for a month!

None of these names have ever been priced so low.  I am offering you the chance to pick up some really great investment quality domain names to resell or develop yourself!

Please check out my prices and feel free to send your bulk inquiries.  email chiera at jennifer.cc or use my contact page to get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Registered at Enom.com

BucaramangaColombia.com – 10/06/10SOLD
ChickenFrancese.com – 10/06/10SOLD
DebtElimination.us – 11/29/10SOLD
DrinkWeblog.com – 10/15/10SOLD

ExploreNiagaraFalls.com – 9/08/10SOLD
ExploreTijuana.com – 9/08/10SOLD
GettingAMortgageWithBadCredit.com – 9/02/10SOLD
JakartaHoliday.com – 10/05/10 SOLD
MusikBibiotek.com – 8/31/10SOLD

Registered at Godaddy.com

AboutSalads.com – 8/18/10 – SOLD
CafeReviews.com – 1/21/11 SOLD
DigitalCameras.cc – 12/05/10 – SOLD
DotTown.com – 10/04/10 – SOLD
LocateLyrics.com – 7/21/10SOLD
PuzzleBlast.com – 7/21/10 SOLD
Vezoo.com – 4/04/11SOLD

Registered at RegisterMate.com

HZO.us – 12/11/10SOLD
Pofz.com – 3/10/11SOLD
Ponzoo.com – 4/12/11SOLD
PTZ.us – 1/07/11 SOLD
QEU.us – 8/09/10 SOLD
WinesByRegion.com – 1/02/11 – SOLD
Yab.us – 8/16/11SOLD
Yox.us – 12/16/10 SOLD