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Bijou means “Jewel” in French, and the reason this cocktail is called Bijou is because it combines all the colors of the three most precious jewels in the world: diamond (gin), ruby (vermouth), and emerald (chartreuse). The real Bijou is supposed to made Pousse-cafe style, so the colors are not mixed and the colors of all the jewels are beautiful and defined, which look like “jewels”, hence the name Bijou. Nowadays, Bijou cocktails are served with the ingredients all mixed together, which is called a completely different name: Amber Dream, for the color it shows.

Serve straigh up without ice in a cocktail glass

3 parts gin
1 part green chartreuse
1 part sween vermouth
Dash orange bitters

Stir in a mixing glass with ice and strain

Garnish with a cherry

A cocktail created in 1939 connection with the introduction of the new streamlined Dreyfus Hudson Engine which began pulling the Twentieth Century Limited train between New York City and Chicago in 1938. The recipe was first published in 1939 in the Cafe Royal Bar Book.

1 1/2 ounces (1/3 gill, 4.5 cl) gin
3/4 ounce (1/6 gill, 2 cl) Lillet Blanc
3/4 ounce (1/6 gill, 2 cl) light creme de cacao
3/4 ounce (1/6 gill, 2 cl) fresh lemon juice

Shake in an iced cocktail shaker, and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Ice cubes
2 fluid ounces Vodka
4 fluid ounces Cranberry juice
Half a lime, plus wedge for garnish

Fill a highball glass with ice.  Pour the vodka and cranberry juice over the ice.  Squeeze the juice from the half of lime into the glass an stir. Garnish the glass with the remaining wedge of lime, and serve.

1 part Amaretto
1 part Southern Comfort
1 part sloe gin
1 part orange juice

Pour above ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice and shake until completely cold. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve.

Created for Sir Winston Churchill’s ninetieth birthday. It is also known as the Four Score and Ten.

Serve straight up without ice.

3 parts brandy
2 parts yellow chartreuse
1 part lillet
1 part orange juice
1 part dubonnet

Shake ingredients together with ice, and strain into a cocktail glass.

B and B is a type of cocktail, made from equal parts brandy and Bénédictine. It is typically served on the rocks, but can also be served straight. The producers of Bénédictine also market a ready-mixed version of the drink known as B and B.

Serve in a cordial glass

1 part brandy
1 part benedictine

Combine and stir