Confess your sins….

I’ve been wanting to use the domain name for a confession type website for a really long time, and I finally found a script I really like.

I never limit myself when it comes to scripts. Free, paid, $5, $500… it doesn’t matter, if it has everything I’ve been envisioning… I am going to use it. The nice thing about this script… is that is was 100% FREE! But don’t take that for granted… the site mentions it not being FREE forever. You do have to sign up with all of your personal information… but since it’s free, I guess it’s worth it.

I have no problem leaving links to the developer of the script at the bottom or even in the header. To me the Internet is like one big project that we’re all working on together. I love it, and it’s such a pleasure making my living doing what I do.

The problem with this script is that I can’t for the life of me find where to edit the template ? It’s nice and all, but I like to put my unique flavor on it. I’ve been through the files 100 times, and believe me… there are many… and I’ll be damned if there isn’t a css file in there.

I tried to email the support folks, but the email bounced. I guess my only other option is signing up for their support forum. There’s a pet peeve… why make people sign up for a forum to ask a question? It’s fine to have a forum… but would it really kill webmasters to take an email?

Since you’re here, why not give Contrition a try. Go ahead and release yourself. Confess Online! It is 100% anonymous.

Webmasters… of course, I will be setting up a link exchange page, so if you’d like to be one of the first exchanges contact me and mention (contrition) somewhere in the email. Be sure to include the site you want to exchange, the link, and a little blurb.