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I love illustration. This list is a compilation of amazingly talented illustrators and links to their websites. The collection includes illustrators who use a variety of techniques and media including drawing, sketching, printing (linocut, woodcut, etching etc). You will also find other illustration related links at the bottom of the page. That list includes things like agencies, image providers, old book illustrations, and the like.

Illustration Artists

Adam James Turnbull – A truly fabulous artist and graphic designer. I am very fond of his line drawings and repeat patterns.

Alexis Anne Mackenzie – Collage artist living in San Francisco.

Alice Tait – Alice Tait is a popular British illustrator who loves to draw.

Alicia Rogerson (Ali J) – Western Australian artist and illustrator whose preferred technique has been to layer vintage book pages across the surface and then paint with expressive lines and hints of bold modern colors.

Amy Devoogd – Amy is a wonderful illustrator and spends her time designing for advertising, editorial, and publishing clients. She works in Chicago and is represented by Mendola Artists in NYC.

Amy Reber – Amy is a wonderful surface and textile designer from the Pacific Northwest. Her rich color choices and pattern designs are among some of my favorites.

Andrea Cobb – an intriguing illustrator creating illustrations for editorials, books, products, textiles, album covers, advertisements, logos, greeting cards and the web.

Andreas schickert – Freelance illustrator from Mainz.

Anine Bosenberg – Edinburgh based illustrator.

Angela Dalinger – Artist and Illustration from a small town in Germany.

Anita Ristovski -Anita Ristovski is an Australian-based illustrator who uses watercolor, pastels, and pencils as her medium.

Anna + Elena = Balbusso – Twin sisters Anna and Elena are an amazing, talented, award-winning internationally recognized illustration team! And for really good reason… they make great art!

Anna Higgie – Anna Higgie is an artist and fashion illustrator currently working out of Bristol, UK.

Amanda Blake – Amanda’s website really says it the best way possible, “Her paintings use symbolism and the imagery of superstitions to explore the idea of fate and the search for meaning in the world around us.” And it’s true with every piece. They say art elicits emotions, and without a doubt, Amanda’s work takes me places. Many places.

Amy Martino – New York Art Director and designer. All I can really say is… Wow! I love her use of line and color. Her fashion illustrations rank up there among my favorites in the world. Do yourself a favor and click her name.

Ana Frois – Portuguese architect and self-taught illustrator based in Coimbra, Portugal. Her illustrations and drawings have delightful child-like innocence with perfectly matched color palettes to evoke emotion and creative thought. I can’t get enough.

Andrew Joyce – Andrew Joyce is a UK illustrator based in Tokyo, specializing in cityscapes, hand drawn lettering and observational illustration.

Anne Smith – Artist and illustrator living in London.

Antonio Uve – Madrid based art director and illustrator.

Ashley Amery – Ashley is a San Diego native living and working in London.

Babeth Lafon – Beauty and Lifestyle Illustrator based in Berlin creating images made of pastel colors combined with layers of transparent washes and brushy textures for Fashion magazines, Cosmetics packagings, and Luxury brands.

Beatrice Cerocchi – architect/illustrator based in Rome.

Becca Stadtlander – Becca Stadtlander is a freelance illustrator and fine artist out of Kentucky.

Becca Thorne – Becca is an illustrator based near Nottingham UK, creating hand printed pieces in linocut, silkscreen and wood engraving.

Bijou Karman – Artist and illustrator from Los Angeles.

Caitlin McGauley – a watercolor artist and illustrator creating amazing work for an impressive client list.

Caitlin Shearer – Illustrator and textile designer living in Australia.

Karolin Schnoor – A German freelance illustrator and designer based in London. She is available for commissions and collaborations.

Camilla Perkins – Illustrator working and living in Brighton.

Carlo Stanga – an award-winning illustrator based in Berlin creating images for books, newspaper articles, advertising campaigns, covers and more.

Cate Edwards – Simply amazing illustration. I could just keep looking at Cate’s Flickr portfolio for hours.

Christian David Moore – Talented fashion and beauty illustrator creating stunning imagery using expressive lines, negative space, and sometimes a bit of color. I love it all. This artist solidifies for me that there is abundant beauty, even in things that cannot be seen.

Claire Rollet – London based illustrator working from her home studio using traditional ink line work.

Clare Mallison – Clare works from her studio in East London for a broad range of international clients. Her work is a mixture of pen and ink, pencil and markers pens.

Clare Owen – Freelance Illustrator and Designer currently based In Bristol, UK

Claudia Pearson – illustrator with a 20+ year career who has been published internationally in magazines such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, Elle and Travel & Leisure.

Cliff Mills – Illustrator from Arizona.

Conrad Roset – A London based illustrator creating wondering ink illustrations.

Damian Chavez – an artist from Los Angeles who draws beautiful illustrations of a woman.

Danielle Kroll – A Brooklyn based artist and designer.

Daria Jabenko – Award-winning freelance illustrator and animator working around the world for various clients.

David Downton – awesome fashion illustration.

Doris Charest – Mixed media artist.

Eirian Chapman – Eirian is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She creates works for advertising, editorial, digital and retail.

Elena Boils – Elena is a freelance illustrator based in London. Her work is a mixture of digital and hand created images. Elena is among my favorite illustrators. Check out her portfolio and enjoy her use of color and shape to create amazing art. I am particularly fond of Holiday Homes.

Elia Mervi – A freelance illustrator living on the Portuguese Coast creating the most beautiful illustrations using graphite and watercolor.

Elizabeth Graeber – a freelance artist and illustrator living in Washington DC. Materials used include pen, ink, watercolor and gouache paint on paper.w

Ella Tjader – Zurich based freelance illustrator and surface designer. Definitely take some time to view her work, if you haven’t already.

Ellie Tzoni – Illustrator and designer living in North London.

Emiliano Ponzi – an amazing award-winning illustrator with an impressive client list.

Emily Robertson  – Emily is an amazing artist. She uses ink and watercolor to give us the most delightful illustrations.

Erick Davila – A fashion and beauty focused artist and illustrator.

Eszter Chen – Artist living in Taipei and L.A, working in drawing, painting, mixed medium, surface design, teaching and art direction.

Fantastic Hysteria – Illustrator and designer.

Felicita Sala – Felicita is a Rome based, self-taught illustrator with a passion for making picture books.

Fionna Fernandes – A young illustrator based in Sydney, Australia who creates fun, colorful patterns and works of art.

Fumi Koike – Illustrator and Designer born in 1985 in Fukuoka, Japan. In 2007 she graduated from Musashino Art University, in Tokyo.

Gabriella Giandelli – Illustrator living and working in Milan.

Gary Venn – Gary Venn is a freelance illustrator based in NZ who works internationally.

Gizem Vural – An illustrator originally from Istanbul, Turkey, working from Ithaca, NY. Her main weapon of choice is ink or pencil but occasionally creates digitally.

Griselda Sastrawinata – illustrator currently working as a visual development artist at DreamWorks and as an instructor for Visual Communication 5 at ACCD for Product Design.

Heather Gatley – an illustrator in Berlin Combining handmade techniques and digital processes she uses pencils, ink, collage, and paints to create her unique and versatile illustration for a wide range of international clients.

Hennie Haworth – An illustrator living in London with a passion for drawing buildings, clothes, patterns and food.

Hiroshi Tanabe – a talented fashion illustrator with a very unique style.

Holly Exley – Illustrator and watercolor artist based in the UK.

Ingela P Arrhenius – Sweden- based illustrator that captured my attention with her retro styling and use of color. I am particularly fond of her patterns and find myself wanting to cover my walls and surround myself in Ingela’s creations.

James Grover – James is an illustrator out of the U.K. His pieces are hand drawn, which I love, and full of sexy lines and handsome designs.

James Gulliver Hancock –  This is the brilliant illustrator responsible for illustrating “All the Buildings in New York” – need I say more?

James Yang – Brooklyn based illustrator and animator.

Jamey Christoph –  An illustrator with a long list of clients that works out of his 1920’s home in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Jane Walker – Jane uses the reduction linocut technique to produce handmade limited edition prints.
Each print is created from a single block.

Jennie Ing – Awesome relief print maker.

Jennifer Dionisio – illustrator based out of London. I am a huge fan of her retro style Illustrations and pattern play.

Jeremy Combot – A young French illustrator, born in Paris. He is an incredible self-taught artist.

Jessica Hogarth – Jessica specializes in surface pattern and textile design.

Jessica Singh – Berlin-based illustrator originally from Perth, Western Australia.

Jessie Ford – A UK based illustrator living and working in Brighton.

Jitesh Patel – London based illustrator.

Joanna Gniady – A left-handed illustrator living in Poland.

John Holcroft – based in England, John is a digital illustrator whose work resembles a screen print look. His style is diverse and works well whether for editorial pieces or storybook illustration.

Jongmee – An illustrator and designer based in New York.

Judith van den Hoek – A fabulous fashion illustrator living in the Netherlands.

Judit García-Talavera – an illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain.

Julianna Brion – Illustrator/artist stationed in Baltimore, MD.

Juriko Kosaka – A Tokyo based painter and illustrator working in acrylic, watercolor, and pen.

Kareena Zerefos – Illustrator based in Sydney who creates whimsical illustrative pieces that often take inspiration from folklore and mythology, and her love of travel and nature.

Kari Moden – Swedish graphic design and illustration artist with an impressive portfolio and client list. I love the use of color and imagery. Take a look at the portfolio.

Kate Sutton – Kate is a London based freelance illustrator. I adore her work. Her common themes, as she states on her site, are repeat patterns, and hand-drawn… My favorites.

Katharina Rocksien – a German illustrator living and working in Perth, Australia.

Kathryn Polk – multi-media artist who works in printmaking and painting.

Kathy Wyatt – With a background in anatomy and traditional drawing skills, Kathy specializes in figurative illustration, in particular fashion and storyboard – though her work spans a wide subject area and many disciplines.

Kavel Rafferty – English illustrator and artist living and working in Ramsgate, Isle of Thanet, Kent.

Kaylene Alder – A freelance illustrator and screen-printer living and working in the wilds of South London who is open to any and all illustrative projects.

Kelly Beeman – New York based artist and fashion illustrator.

Klas Fahlen – an illustrator from Sweden who was also a former television personality.

Kris Atomic – Freelance Illustrator (and Photographer) living in North London.

Kristen Boydstun – an American illustrator based in Munich who loves working with bold colors and simplified shapes and uses a combination of hand and digital illustration.

Laura Addari – A graphic designer and illustrator based in Italy, she’s graduated
in Art and Design at IUAV University of V

Lauren Humphrey – illustrator living in London.

Lauren Mortimer – Lauren is a London based master of the pencil. I say that because her drawings are incredible. I also love her color drawings, especially when she adds just a touch of color leaving the majority of the piece simply beautiful pencil and paper. A “less is more” concept that is proven true the moment you see her work.

Leah Goren – An illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn, NY.

LeeAnn Gorman – artist and painter living and working out of Houston.

Leonie Bos – I am totally in love with this woman’s work. Her illustrations are vibrant and colorful with a grainy look reminiscent of relief printing. Her subjects include architecture and interiors, to name just two of my favorites

Lena Dirscherl – Lena has quite a range of methods she uses to create art. Visit her webspace to see her portfolio of cartoon, vector, watercolor, comic, hand lettering, and pattern design works.

Linda Scott – Linda Scott is an established illustrator with more than twenty years experience working with a broad range of clients.

Lindsey Spinks – Illustrator based in North West London.

Lisa Congdon – Fine art and illustration.

Lo Cole – An internationally acclaimed illustrator and printmaker, Lo Cole’s commercial illustration work spans editorial, publishing, advertising, corporate design and album cover artwork.

Lori Biwer Stewart – Printmaker

Lotta Kuhlhorn -Sweden based illustrator.

Lucia Emanuela Curzi – A multi-award winning illustrator based in London represented exclusively by Illustration Web.

Madeline Kloepper – Madeline Kloepper is a Canadian artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Major in Illustration from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Maja Lindberg – Illustrator based in Sweden specializing in fine art prints.

Malika Favre – Another one of my all-time favorite illustrators. Malika is a French illustrator living in London. Her works a bold, colorful, and minimalistic. She uses negative space in such a way that it feels like home. I get lost in her work and can spend hours on her site admiring her portfolio. You will live a happier life once you see her work.

Mayuko Fujino – A very skilled, self-taught paper cut illustrator.

May van Millingen – An amazing London based illustrator who does both private and brand work. She has a great style, and I’m particularly fond of her work, especially pieces like “Snapshots Through Time”, and “Architectural Puzzle” – but make no mistake, I love all of her work. Check it out.

Miss Capricho – Textile Prints, Illustration and other delights.Made in Barcelona.

Miss Led – Illustrator and painter.

Mohan Ballard – an illustrator with a passion for color who creates joyful and happy scenes.

Monica Barengo – Italy based illustrator that creates brilliant works of art.

Monica Garwood – a San Francisco Bay Area illustrator, designer, letterer, painter ETC.

Monica Ramos – This artist has a great style… and I adore her use of watercolor! She is an Illustrator, born in Manila and living in New York.

Nani Puspasari – Nani Puspasari is a visual artist, illustrator, designer and All-Round Creative Cheerleader living in Melbourne.

Natalia Sanabria – Natalia is a Costa Rica based illustrator contributing some of the most stunning fashion illustrations I’ve seen.

Natalie Foss – A freelance illustrator based in Oslo. Also, the master of the colored pencil.

Nate Williams – Nate is an art director, designer, author, artist, and co-founder of radiCOOLS. He creates images, ideas and tries to encourage curious kids and playful adults to discover the world through curiosity, play, and art.  I can’t tell you how much I love his work.

Natsuki Camino – illustrator using colored torn paper to make collages.

Nicholas Stevenson – A fabulous London Illustrator who makes pictures that are fun, lively, mysterious and occasionally a bit unsettling.

Nick Bear – Seattle illustrator living in LA.

Nikki McClure – Nikki is an amazing paper cut illustrator living in Washington, creating stunning images using paper and knife!

Noumeda Carbone – A Paris born, Italian artist and freelance award-winning illustrator based in Florence, Italy.

Olaf Hajek – German-based illustrator, painter, artist, graphic designer, and author.

Ouida Touchon – Amazing Print/Image maker with a host of creative outlets to keep bringing us the most delicious eye candy. Ouida is one of my personal favorite printmakers.

Pascuala Lira – an incredibly talented artist who creates portraits of imaginary people. I love how she incorporates patterns into her work and her amazing eye for color.

Paula Blanche – a Chilean professional designer and illustrator, lover of fashion and films.

Peter Horvath – Peter has been creating digital collages since 1995.

Riikka Sormunen

Rosie Scott – An illustrator based in the UK who has worked in lots of different areas of illustration including Publishing, Editorial, Advertising, and Packaging.

Rubens LP – A freelance illustrator working with a worldwide clientele creating illustration and graphic designs.

Sabrina Mueller – Illustrator for magazines, publishers, the fashion, and music industry. Besides her commercial work, she experiments with various printmaking techniques and runs an edition series print collection for clothes.

Sally Payne – Freelance surface pattern designer and Illustrator.

Sandra Eterovic – an illustrator from Australia who formerly worked for the fashion industry and is now working as a freelance illustrator under her own name.

Sanny van loon – Amsterdam based illustrator available for freelance and exhibitions.

Sarah Bagshaw – Surface design using handmade design.

Sarah Beetson – A celebration of line married to a color explosion.

Sarah Campbell – An incredibly talented illustrator who spends her time in Canada and Australia.

Sarah McMenemy – a London based illustrator who writes and illustrated children’s books and much more.

Sarah Tanat Jones – London-based illustrator that is not afraid to use color!

Sophie Blackall – a Brooklyn based Australian artist. She has illustrated over twenty books for children, including Ruby’s Wish (Chronicle Books, 2003) which won the Ezra Jack Keats Award.

Sophie Casson – a freelance illustrator based in Montreal.

Spiro Halaris – a multi-disciplinary Illustrator, Designer and Art Director with studios in London and New York, where he’s currently based.

Stephanie Wunderlich – Stephanie’s medium is the paper collage. She creates her illustrations using digital as well as analog techniques (scissors and glue).

Sunny Gu – Los Angeles based fashion and beauty illustrator who does incredible things with watercolor.

Sveta Dorosheva – Originally from Ukraine and currently based in Israel, Sveta is a freelance illustrator working in the areas of narrative illustration and art for books.

Tina Berning – A Berlin-based artist and illustrator.

Tracey English – Illustrator and surface pattern designer based in South West London.

Tracy Walker – Tracy is a wonderful Canadian Illustrator, designer, and artist. Do yourself a favor and check out her portfolio.

Trina Dalziel – A freelance illustrator since the mid-1990s, and more recently also crossed over into surface design.

Tyrus Clutter – Tyrus works with painting and printmaking media, as well as with mixed media assemblage.

Veronica Collignon – Fashion design illustrator in New York.

Vicky Scott – Freelance Illustrator from London, living in the city of Brighton.

Zara Picken – Zara Picken is an illustrator based in Lincoln, England. She works with a diverse range of international clients, creating illustrations for editorial, publishing, advertising and more

Illustration Resources – Gallery of original illustration art and comic strips

Brighton IllustratorsThe Brighton Illustrators Group (BiG) is not an illustration agency but a group run by illustrators for illustrators on a voluntary basis. Portfolios available

CSA Images – CSA Images includes unique illustrations and photographs not offered by other image collections. View the distinctive hand-drawn stock collection!

i2i Stock – Representing the very best in contemporary, award-winning illustration.

Ikon Images – Stock illustration agency, licensing images from over 150 leading artists, featuring photo illustration, vector, digital and line art. – Kuvva for Mac streams beautiful wallpapers right to your desktop, presenting you breathtaking images.

Laughing Stock – Inventive rights-managed illustration from over 150 outstanding illustrators. – Offers a wide range of public domain, royalty-free images scanned from old books. Searchable galleries include animals, plants, techniques, artists names, books titles, and much more.

Art Communities & Galleries

Fry Art GalleryThe Fry Public Art Gallery was opened in 1987 and houses an impressive number of paintings, prints, illustrations, wallpapers and decorative designs by artists of the 20th century and the present day.

Art Span – A community of both artists and art buyers where the buyer and artist can interact directly.

Rippingham Art – A platform for both established and up and coming artists in the UK to display their original art online. – What are you working on? Dribbble is a community of designers sharing screenshots of their work, process, and projects. – the leading creative resource for photography and illustration portfolios, cutting-edge marketing tools, industry contacts, and custom mailing lists.

Directory of Illustration – This site features thousands of illustrations from hundreds of the best illustrators working today. The site is searchable by keyword, or you can just leisurely browse. Lots of great work in one place to keep you happily entertained.