jennifer chiera

Little Shopping Miracles at .99 Cent Only Stores!

I was so excited I was having asthma related issues when I shot this video. I felt I would be keeping a dirty secret if I didn’t post this video to show you what can be purchased for under $40 (for all of it)

Yes, that IS Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid, and My Little Pony, and they had so many other things too! Coloring books that you pay $8-15 for at other stores. I’m talking about the good ones with thick pages (print on one side only) that you can water color. I didn’t even go there for licensed toys or any of the other crap I bought yesterday… I went for the awesome, cheap, Christmas Decorations.

I didn’t even know you could get those kind of toys there! I call that a holiday miracle that had to be shared. I don’t recommend waiting… seriously, go first thing in the morning. Call in to work if you have to… You’ll probably save more money by doing some of your shopping there instead of the other stores. You know. The cashier even confirmed that it would not last long. Hurry. I love you. Save lots xo