jennifer chiera

Pausing for a moment…

The Northern California fires continue to burn on. I try not to complain about the air quality and my inability to breathe well. People have lost everything – including their lives. Kids. Families. Just gone. The fire does not discriminate. It will take young, old, happy, sad, black, white, yellow and blue. My heart is heavy. Although I did not personally lose a home, or a family member, or a friend. I am reminded of each person who has. The dancing ash that has taken over wind and the hazy red sunsets that would be beautiful under any other circumstances are constant reminders of the loss and suffering of so many of my fellow Californians. I hope with all of my heart and all of my soul… that the winds die down and the flames lose their strength and finally go to sleep. Sleep flames, let the Earth and her people start to heal and repair. Let nature continue to take its course and allow new life to bloom where the charred Earth now lies. May peace and hope and love wash over all the pain and bring red and yellow and pink and green out from the dark and color this canvas, our beautiful California once again.