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  3. brandon

    what the heck is elixir d’anu? you post it as an ingredient in the Common Market cocktail, but I have been trying for years to find out what it is? You do not know, do you?

    1. Jennifer Chiera Post author

      I have been trying to find out… I can’t seem to find any information aside from that fact that it is Brazilian! I will keep researching… and will post as soon as I find some solid information about it!

  4. Marko

    Hello Jennifer, are you still in the domain retailing business? I have one for sale that contains the major “key-words” for a billion dollar US industry. It is my wish to sell it and donate the money to a group or groups who work to save American children. The Adsense numbers have been run by some ITers and show $4,000-$6,000 monthly. An experienced and well known national web site design company has told us that the above sums could be doubled or even tripled with a “circular” web design.