jennifer chiera

Breaking News! Hansel and Gretel are safe!

Early this morning news broke that the brother and sister known as Hansel and Gretel have, in fact, escaped from the little gingerbread house where they were being held hostage by an “evil witch” according to eye-witness reports.

It is not known how the children managed to overpower the “witch” but they claim she was distracted by a show called Pepper Pig, er, ah, Peppa Pig, excuse me. They said she was fixated and muttering something about Mummy pig and how evil maniacal her laughter could be.

The children are now back at the dollhouse on the hill and promise their parents that they will never talk to strangers in cookie houses again.

What a relief!

In other news, the Polar Express was seen again last night… this time… Richmond California! More to come…

this article has been written all in good fun and is to promote the spirit of the holidays and is in no way a representation of my sanity. It is, however, one more way that I can tell my daughter, Madeline Louise Bradford how much she is loved, and how much joy she adds to our lives every single day. Thank you for being our daughter. Merry Christmas xo