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Final Domain Name Clearance – Prices Marked! Great Deals!

I will do anything for the sake of travel… even if it means liquidating my domain name portfolio!  In less than a week, I will be taking to the skies and heading toward my hometown for a month!

None of these names have ever been priced so low.  I am offering you the chance to pick up some really great investment quality domain names to resell or develop yourself!

Please check out my prices and feel free to send your bulk inquiries.  email chiera at or use my contact page to get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Registered at – 10/06/10SOLD – 10/06/10SOLD – 11/29/10SOLD – 10/15/10SOLD – 9/08/10SOLD – 9/08/10SOLD – 9/02/10SOLD – 10/05/10 SOLD – 8/31/10SOLD

Registered at – 8/18/10 – SOLD – 1/21/11 SOLD – 12/05/10 – SOLD – 10/04/10 – SOLD – 7/21/10SOLD – 7/21/10 SOLD – 4/04/11SOLD

Registered at – 12/11/10SOLD – 3/10/11SOLD – 4/12/11SOLD – 1/07/11 SOLD – 8/09/10 SOLD – 1/02/11 – SOLD – 8/16/11SOLD – 12/16/10 SOLD

Will sell domain names to travel…

The following domain name sale is posted at multiple venues.  I am attempting to liquidate the remainder of my domain name portfolio to help foot some of my traveling expenses this summer.  You need names… I need some cash.  Let’s make a deal!

>>> domain names removed for privacy

June Domain Name Liquidation:

For the month of June I am offering the following domain name at below value prices.  All of the domain names in this sale are registered at  I offer the buyer a free push to another eNom account.  Transfer to another registrar is acceptable, but will be at the buyers expense.  Paypal preferred. – 10/06/2010 – $50 – 10/06/2010 – $50 – 9/07/2010 – $40 – 3/27/2011 – $40 – 10/15/2010 – $30 – 9/02/2010 – $20 – 10/08/2010 – $20 – 10/05/2010 – $100 – 9/20/2010 – $20 – 9/29/2010 – $30 – 3/29/2011 – $100 – 3/17/2011 – $100 – 9/06/2010 – $20

You are welcome to use the contact page to make an inquiry or email chiera [at]

Anti Virus, Virus Elimination.

I just recently eliminated a nasty virus that was pretending to be anti virus software that was detecting viruses on my computer.  I’m not sure how I got it… but if it happens to you… this is the best solution I found to deal with it quickly so you can be up and running in no time.

1. Remove any anti-virus software you may have installed.  If you have something like AVG installed – this virus overwrites or disables it so that it can’t run.

2. Shut down and reboot your computer into “safe mode with networking” (press the F8 key when booting up and select from the list)

3. Download, install and run Malwarebytes

4. Once the program completes you will be prompted to reboot.  Once you do, you will be out of safe mode… and the virus should be history.

I can’t promise it will work for you… but it worked for me.  If you are experiencing system shut downs or extensive virus warnings… you could be infected.  Act early if you can, this virus is very aggressive.

Trying out

Niche social networking for domainers?  Really?  Heck yeah! I  just signed up to try out  They are promising to give away a FREE iPad to the 1000th member!  I thought that was an incredible bonus… since I would have signed up anyway!  Needless to say, I am not the owner of a new iPad.  The good news is… you still have a chance to be the 1000th member!   The site is still fairly new,  but I’m looking forward to see if it turns out to be a hopping social networking hub for domainers!  Good luck! & others – Up for auction at

I have several auctions up for sale at  I am still in the process of liquidating my portfolio… so it’s possible, if you are paying attention that you could grab yourself some really great investment quality purchases.  I’m not letting things go cheap beacause I think they suck…  I just need to let go.  I can’t afford to keep renewing them year after year, and frankly, I don’t have as much time as I used to to monitor a sizable portfolio.  With that said… take advantage of my liquidation.

Here’s what’s on the block this week.  Just click the specially designed logo to go right to the Ebay auction!