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I’m looking for a few more people to sign up for the Newsletter before I send out the first issue. The newsletter is a new feature of DomainBash.com, and I’m hoping that it will be a great new addition for my
visitors… especially those of you that used to enjoy the regular expired domain name lists.

Today I am offering a sample of what you can hope to expect when you receive the Domain Bash Newstter.

You can expect an investment quality list of domain names that are available for registration. The lists will contain anywhere from 10 to an unlimited number of domain names.

I try to keep the lists diverse… sometimes you’ll get .net or .org names. Once in a while I might throw in some ccTLDs. Some names will contain hyphens, some will have numbers. My goal is to accommodate all investors and buyers… and target a variety of niches as well as include some brandable and conceptual domain names.

Here is a sample list:



I started this list with 5 recently expired 4 character .com’s – when I include these I don’t nit-pick, I give you what’s available due to their limited quantity.

The first name on the list is BarterBoards.com. I selected this name because I think it needs to be developed. I think there is way too much waste in this day and age and people just throw things away to make room for more new stuff. We need to start bartering more.

Next on the list is BikeProblems.com. Who doesn’t have bike problems from time to time. This domain name could prove to be a very helpful website for people to troubleshoot bike issues they’re having.

I chose BirchDesk.com because it’s a niche product, and I love niches! If you like niches, maybe you like to develop fan sites… how about BladeFans.com Blade is a great trilogy with a huge fan base.

For my foodies out there… and I’m having a really hard time not scooping this one up myself – BroccoliQuiche.com – staying with the niche theme, this would be a great niche recipe site! Next up is CashewTree.com see photo

Originally spread from Brazil by the Portuguese, the cashew tree is now cultivated in all regions with a sufficiently warm and humid climate. It is produced in around 32 countries of the world. The world production figures of cashew crop, published by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), was around 3.1 million tons per annum.

Moving down you’ll see two Chinchilla domain names ChinchillaBreeding.com & ChinchillaJackets.com. Chinchillas (see photo) are rabbit-sized, crepuscular rodents native to the Andes mountains in South America. Along with their relatives, viscachas, they belong to the family Chinchillidae. The international trade in chinchilla fur goes back to the 16th century. The fur from chinchillas is popular in the fur trade due to its extremely soft feel, because they have about 60 hairs sprouting from each hair follicle. (wikipedia)

Going a little bit darker, I have EroticNightmares.com which seems like an interesting topic… I thought it might work well as a discussion forum, or community based site.

LikeDuh.com is a bit more whimsical than the others. I feel this is a great concept that would be similar to the ‘for dummies’ concept… but for more common sense type things. Could be fun.

I thought LiteCampers.com was a great domain considering the oil crisis… many folks are either getting rid of, or downgrading their RV’s to something lighter – the word “lite” is used frequenlty in the industry and works well matched with Camper. Even with this spelling there is Overture of almost 500.

LockportLinks.com has a lot of geo development potential. There’s a Lockport in Manitoba (Canada) You’ll find Lockports in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, and New York States.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed this sample newsletter. Please sign up to receive emails like this. In the newsletter, I will also include domain name deals and steals not found at the blog.

Comments are welcome.