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See how I really feel about the holidays, and Free Student Portfolios by Virb

It is a chilly night and even though we’re in California it does get cold in the East Bay. A reminder that the Holidays are upon us and that for the next several weeks… the kids will be home FULL TIME, significant others – also home, much more often than usual. I do love having them home, but it is not secret that there is more work for me.

Even the basic grocery shopping will be a nightmare for at least another month, people are now in full “beast” mode. From now until Christmas eve it is a mad dash to see if it is humanly possible to get everything done before Santa makes his way down the chimney – and if you do – is it possible to survive until after the new year?I don’t know, so after getting the tot into bed I start with a little late night social media browsing/research/guilty pleasure tomfoolery – still thinking of the chaos about to ensue… then I see this.

Virb wants students to succeed—so much that we’re giving Virb away for free to anyone with a .edu email address. Build your own beautiful portfolio and go get the job of your dreams.  Source: Free Student Portfolios

That is pretty darn awesome offer from Virb. If you don’t know about this company; they are a group of professionals who love to build

websites. They help simplify the process for others, so they can focus their efforts on their own business. Here is the list of features.

I can’t take advantage of the offer myself because I am not a student, but I am a mother. I know other mothers. Do you know what we all have? Students, or children that will be students. Thanks for looking out during their slow roll into the future.

I like to pass along a good deal/deed when I see it.

Tell your kids.